How to choose a bamboo blanket?

Bamboo bedding has recently been particularly popular. In this article we will look at what a high-quality bamboo blanket consists of, what are the pros and cons of this type of product, and finally we will compare with similar products from the same category.

Main characteristics

To start, we will voice the positive qualities:
Free circulation of air and moisture. Regardless of the density of the filler, there is no likelihood of a greenhouse effect. Fibers freely pass air, providing a comfortable temperature. Bamboo fibers have the ability to instantly absorb excess moisture. At the same time, moisture does not accumulate in them (it evaporates quite quickly), and the natural flavor prevents the appearance of an unpleasant odor.
There is an antibacterial effect. Manufacturers claim that this material has a natural antibiotic that suppresses the bacterial environment for 1-2 days. Accordingly, the risk of accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms is significantly reduced, which is especially important during the season of colds or epidemics.
It is made from natural and environmentally friendly raw materials. The material does not contain chemical impurities, synthetics or animal fluff - the filler is absolutely safe for the health of people of any age. Subject to the use of quality goods, and not fake products, of course.
It does not cause allergies. Material from bamboo contains specific substances and essential oils, which have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and human skin. The use of bamboo accessories is recommended for people with diseases of the upper respiratory tract (asthma, allergies, tuberculosis).
Beneficial effect on the state of health. It is light in weight and creates a comfortable temperature, which greatly improves the quality of sleep. The substances contained in this material have a positive effect on the emotional state of a person.
Practicality and reliability. Despite the fact that the filler is made of natural plant fiber, its service life is quite long. Due to its low weight, it is possible to use such bedding for both adults and children. They are very easy to care for and washable in a regular washing machine, and also dry quickly.
Despite the many positive properties, things from bamboo have their drawbacks:
relatively high cost;
splendor is lost during operation;
easy to fake products;
wear out quickly with high humidity in the room.
The cost of this type of product fully justifies the quality of the material. However, there are a large number of fakes, and therefore it is recommended to purchase such products only in company stores.

How to make the right choice?

Before choosing a blanket, it is necessary to decide which density of the filler will be optimal for you - the cost of the goods depends on this to a large extent. The following filler density options are available:
up to 150 g / m² - summer;
about 200 g / m² - all-weather;
over 300 g / m² - winter.

You need to think twice before deciding which blanket to choose. The winter option makes sense to buy only in those cases when the house (in the bedroom) is cool in the winter, well, or if you like to sleep with the window open. Otherwise, if it is very warm, you will not be very comfortable sleeping under it. The optimal solution is an all-season option.
Another important point is how to choose a bamboo blanket by size. In this case, it is necessary to build on the size of the berth where it will be used. The blanket should be about 50 cm wider than the bed, as otherwise the person will experience discomfort during sleep. Possible options:
baby (110 × 150cm)
single (140 × 205cm);
double (172 × 205cm);
Euro size (200 × 220cm).
You should also pay special attention to the quality of the material of which the cover is made. It is optimal if it is a fabric with the addition of bamboo or silk. But, as a rule, manufacturers save on covers, use cotton, satin, microfiber.
No less important is the size of the stitch, since the ability of the product to retain heat and aesthetic appearance depends on this.

In order to distinguish a quality product from a fake one, it should be carefully examined. All seams should be smooth and neat. Bedding should be odorless, only a light straw flavor is acceptable. Natural filler is very light and soft, and therefore it is advisable to hold the product and feel it.
A branded manufacturer will not hide all of the above information and will necessarily indicate it on the label:
the composition of the filler;
cover material;
the size;
It must be borne in mind that a quality product cannot cost less than $ 50 (about 3,000 rubles). If you doubt the authenticity of the product, then you should not spend money on a possible fake. It is best to visit a reliable specialty store.

Secrets of Production and Pricing

In the production of fiber, which subsequently serves as a filler for a bamboo blanket, plants that have reached the age of three are used. The conversion of hard stems to soft filler occurs in stages:
the plant is ground;
soaked in a special solution;
comb out.
There is a mechanical and chemical method of processing. In the second case, chemicals are used that soften and clean the bamboo. It is less expensive and simple (compared to the mechanical manufacturing method).

Regardless of the method of production, the resulting bamboo fiber is not used in its pure form. Pure raw materials will not be able to hold the desired shape, and therefore it is mixed with other types of fillers:
silicone balls;
The product is entitled to be called bamboo with a content of at least 30% natural fiber in the filler. The maximum amount is 70% of the total mass.

How to care?

In order for the blanket to last as long as possible, it is necessary to properly care for it. Information on whether a bamboo blanket can be washed and at what temperature is indicated on the product label. As a rule, labels are discarded almost immediately after purchase, and therefore we list the basic rules for washing:
water temperature no more than 40⁰C;
it is desirable to use liquid laundry detergent;
Spin no more than 600 revolutions during machine wash;
drying in a horizontal position, excluding direct sunlight.
Hand and machine washable. Before washing the bamboo blanket in the washing machine, be sure to set the appropriate washing mode. The more often a bamboo item is washed, the faster it wears out. If possible, you should alternate washing and dusting the bedding with a vacuum cleaner.
If you know how to wash a bamboo blanket and follow all the rules, then regular washing will in no way affect the quality. After washing, it dries quite quickly even with a minimal degree of spin. It is recommended to store bedding in folded (curled) form, periodically straightening and shaking.

Similar products

There are various alternative blanket filler options. All of them, of course, differ in quality characteristics and price. Let's compare bamboo with them to make sure their choice is right.
Bamboo or camel hair?
If you don’t know which blanket is better - camel or bamboo, then this information will be useful to you. Camel hair is harder to care for, it is not recommended to wash it yourself, since it is likely to spoil the thing. Woolen camel blanket has the following characteristics:
can cause allergies;
heavier than bamboo;
has a specific smell;
it passes air and moisture well;
helps reduce joint pain;
has a long service life.

Bamboo or swan fluff?
Another common dilemma is swan fluff at a lower price or natural filler at a higher price. It is worth paying tribute to the swan fluff, which is really very warm and light. However, it is much worse at letting in air and moisture compared to bamboo fiber. The appearance of statistical charges is possible.
Eucalyptus or bamboo blanket?
First, consider what a blanket made of eucalyptus. Everyone knows that this is a huge tree, but how is soft material made from it? The production technology is very similar to the bamboo processing process. Wood is crushed, cleaned and converted into fiber. The qualitative characteristics of these two materials are also extremely similar:
environmental friendliness;
lightness and comfort.
Eucalyptus is very useful for the human respiratory system, and bamboo fruitfully affects the condition of the skin and the quality of sleep.
It is impossible to say unequivocally which blanket is better - bamboo or eucalyptus, since here the choice also for the most part depends on the individual needs of the buyer.
Bamboo or fleece?
Sheep blanket has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, has an analgesic effect for various pains in muscles and joints. It passes air, moisture and light weight. Hand and machine washable.
Hollofiber or bamboo?
Hollofiber is an artificial filler that has many positive qualities:
easy to care and storage;
light weight;
does not cause allergies;
freely passes air;
does not create a greenhouse effect;
has a low cost;
does not smell;
prevents the appearance of parasites.
Hollofiber is a worthy competitor to bamboo in many ways, including value. However, natural materials are always more beneficial for human health than any synthetic filler.
So. A blanket made of bamboo has a lot of positive qualities. It is very warm, light, just erases and dries quickly. The cost of these bedding is fully consistent with their quality. With proper operation, the service life is 5-10 years.
When choosing, you must take into account all the nuances: size, density, cover material, age of the client. It is recommended to purchase goods from trusted manufacturers, which will avoid fakes.